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Content Patch 4.2.0

Welcome to the official Content Patch 4.2.0 of SkyIslands Season 4!

Join now with the ip Mc.PlaySkyIslands.Com

This content patch will focus on fixing bugs and adding new items into the game.


  • - Easter Additions
  • - Mystery Eggs
  • - Battlepass
  • - SellWands
  • and much more!


SellWands have now been requested a whole bunch on the server. SellWands are an essential part of the server and will make it easier to sell items. There are two types of sell wands on the server. One which will allow you to sell all the items within a Trapped/Regular chest, and the other will allow you to sell any items within your Inventory. To make the server more 'Balanced', we have decided to make the sellwands a free item which can be received via SupplyDrops.


As a fun little and extra item to add to the game, we are now introducing something new called 'Mystery Eggs'. Mystery Eggs are small items which can be found in ALL Rank Kits (including starter), SupplyDrops and many other ways. They give out free items from blocks to money to supplydrop tokens.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is right around the corner and we feel the need to give back to the server. Easter Eggs are now located pretty much all around the server. These easter eggs will give random rewards which will help you with your server adventure. NOTE: Each egg can only be claimed once.





Enhance your server experience. Start completing challenges and gain awesome rewards in return. You will receive 1 point from completing 1 challenge. 1 point is equal to 1 level.

Bug Fixes and Small Changes

  • Lowered some rank prices.
  • Added Combat Tag
  • Added Clear Lag Messages
  • Disabled Safe Zones in Combat
  • Fixed Loot Drops
  • Patched a Dupe
  • Added /CobbleGen GUI
  • Added More Starter Islands.
  • Fixed TPS issues
  • Fixed Stacked items
  • Fixed Enderpearl Mass Use
  • Fixed Chat Games
  • Added more SupplyDrop Loot
  • Added 4 more Starter Islands.
  • In case you missed

New Message From: Manager [Liam]

Hello There!

SkyIslands has been around for a while now with no major staff members other than BigNan himself. Today, i will be joining BigNan in making this server even better and introducing a lot of new features you should enjoy.

I will be messing around with the server over the next few days to fix any bugs and listen to any suggestions you have to make the server more enjoyable to play. Season 4 has had a bit of a rough start but all major bugs have now been eliminated.

As i am taking over the Manager role and helping out with the server, i would like to say that YouTube applications are once again open. YouTubers/Content Creators will receive the VIP role on the server and on this discord so that they can promote any of their videos made on the server. They will also receive some of the perks from all of the server ranks which may help them with their videos a little more.

If you would like to apply, feel free to send me or BigNan a message and we will be sure to review your channel and go through the application process.

21 days ago
Content Patch 4.1.0

Welcome to the official Content Patch 4.1.0 of SkyIslands Season 4!

Join now with the ip Mc.PlaySkyIslands.Com

This content patch will focus on adding new features to the server and fixing any bugs along with them.


  • - Jackpots
  • - Coinflips
  • - RPS
  • - ChestShops
  • - Trade
  • and much more!


Jackpots have been added to the server. This will change the way you as a player will grow your island and get that is top #1 spot. To make this feature balanced, there is 3 sections to the jackpot. The Low, Medium and High jackpot. Each section has a specific price cap to balance how much you gamble per time. Jackpots can be used via the /Casino command in game. Or by using the /warp menu.


Just like Jackpots, CoinFlips have been added as another way to gamble with a specific player at a time. This will work off of a Heads and Tails 50/50 system. Upon using the command /CoinFlips, you will be able to view any active server coin flips and maybe be able to play them if not already done. Coinflips can ve used via the /Casino command in game. Or by using the /warp casino command.



Rock Paper Scissors. Gamble your money in a 'FUN' way. RPS will allow you and another player to gamble your money in the same way as the Coinflip. But, you are able to chose between 3 options instead of two. You can create your own RPS or view any active ones in the /RPS menu. RPSs can ve used via the /Casino command in game. Or by using the /warp casino command.

Chat Games


Chat Games. What can they be? Every 5-10 minutes in chat, you will be given chance to do the games that come up. These game can either be, Rewrite the word that is given, What am i thinking of? or Unscramble this word. These games are not hard at all and are good for players who have just started on the server or for features that are coming within the near future.



As a Scam prevent system. We have introduced a new feature called Trades. Trades will allow you and another player to trade in game items without being scammed. The trade system is 100% secure and will work efficiently. To trade with another player, use the command /Trade.

Chest Shops

A simple yet powerful system for making physical shops via a chest AS A PLAYER. Chest shops will allow you to create physical shops on your island so you can sell your items that you don't need to players. If you can't remember an items name, use the command /ItemInfo.

Bug Fixes and Small Changes (since reset)

- Set farming tick speed to 7 ((3x faster than before.))

- Cobblestone generators now have chances to spawn ores.

- Added Join/Leave messages.

- Fixed/Buffed the Vote Party.

- Updated /Shop with a new section and items.


- Updated all spawner prices.

- Enabled auto backups.

- Fixed auto restarts.



24 days ago
Quests (WIP, I need help) [UPDATED]

Farming Quests (78 total): this contains all the farming quests.
Mining Quests (31 total): this contains all the mining quests.
Miscellaneous Quests (14 total): this contains quests that do not fit into other categories.
Combat Quests (48 total): this contains all the combat/grinding quests.
Gathering Quests (29 total): this contains all the gathering quests.
Extreme Quests (55 total): this contains quests that require you to obtain a large amount of resources in order to complete.
Riddle Quests (22 total): this contains quests where you must solve a riddle to complete them.
Building Quests (11 total): this contains quests where you are required to build some kind of structure.
Animal Quests (12 total): this contains quests where you are required to do something with animals.

RiddleQuest assistance:

As the title hints, you will need to solve some riddles for this section.

Example: North, East, South, West, which way shall i go. 

How: Have a compass in your inventory.

28 days ago
Content Patch 4.0.0 [SEASON 4]

Welcome to the official Content Patch 4.0.0 of SkyIslands Season 4!

Join now with the ip Mc.PlaySkyIslands.Com



Before i start with this content patch, i would like to say that, we have a lot planned for this season regarding Content Patches and a whole lot more. We are open to suggestions on what to add to the server in our community discord.

Discord: Click Here



The basic features have stayed on the server, however, a few new features have been added to make it more enjoyable to play. 


One of the most requested features last season was an Island Bank. An island bank is essentially an addon to SkyBlock which allows you or your island members to add money into a shared bank in which your island can add/remove money from. The island bank can be opened with the command /Island Bank.


The block stacking feature has made its way back to the server. This feature was disabled early within last season due to a few bugs and glitches. However, it has now returned with a few extra features which prevents the glitches from occuring.

The Island Border now has an option to be disabled for you within a toggle GUI. Disabling the border will increase player frame rate but also comes handy when a player wants to see how big and how much space they have left on their island.

The BlockStacking and IslandBorder feature can be enabled/disabled in the /TOGGLE gui.


Finally. Custom Enchants are now on the server.


Custom Enchant is an addon for PvP and other aspects of SkyBlock. It allows players to build up their own god set and power tools. Located at spawn near the local NPC's is a Tinkerer which will allow you to trade in your useless books for enchant dust. There is also another NPC located near the server crates which will allow you to purchase enchant books for exp.


We have listened to your ideas and suggestions. Crates on the server have now been BUFFED. This means that ALL server crates now have more OP rewards and have also had their price decreased on the server store. Each crate now has the ability to win you an in game rank. You can also open the crate gui with the command /CRATES.

3 New types of crates have been added. The first new crate is a Spawner Crate. This has the ability to give you any 3 of the top tier spawners at a 10% chance. The second crate is a Kit Crate which will allow you to win any of the server rank kits. The third crate is a Tag Crate which will allow you to spin and receive a random crate key.


A brand new spawner has been added to the server. A silverfish spawner. This spawner has a HIGH chance to drop mobcoins and gives 15 million towards your island value.


3 whole new ranks have been added to the server. Two in which can be purchased with in-game money and the other from the server store. The ranks that can be purchased with in-game money come with extra command which will make it easier for players who can't donate to the server to have a more enjoyable time. These ranks can be purchased with /Shop Ranks.

The third rank is a rank which is now the HIGHEST rank on the server. This rank has more permissions and perks than any other rank on the server and will help towards your island top value.


For this season, we have tried our best for it to be more 'farming based'. To do this, we have made cactus and other farming materials extremely good. Cactus sell price has been increased from $35 to $55.

For now, this is all that has been added/changed on the server. However, within the next week or two, this is what you should expect to see be added to the server.

- OutPosts [MAYBE]

- Minions

- Condense Wands

- CUSTOM Bosses

- other fun additions.

The server is releasing in 30 minutes so be prepared to hop online!

Server IP: Mc.PlaySkyIslands.Com


about 1 month ago
SkyIslands Season 3 THE END

Before i start this post and reveal any information about island top winners and more, i would like to say, That you for an amazing season of SkyIslands. This has been the best season so far and we have much more planned to bring to you. At the bottom of this post, there will be a short video showing you what the final 30 minutes of the server looked like along with some small details about season 4 near the end.


As per usual, the top 2 islands on the server will be rewarded with items for the start of next season. Currently, this is the following payout we will be giving to the top users along with who will get the payout. 

Island Top #1

WORTH: $27,394,045,005

Midnightzbluemis & TBNRSpecial18

£10 BuyCraft [ISLAND OWNER], Island Top GKIT [ISLAND OWNER], Season 3 Tag [ALL]

Island Top #2

WORTH: $9,763,936,500



/Fly Command ((Other command if already have)) [ISLAND OWNER]


This season, we have decided that we should reward the top balanced player on the server. These rewards may change but they will most likely stay.

#1 Midnightzbluemis : $138,676,764.75 : #BalTop1 Suffix